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Wholesale China SCR Module MTC320A 1600V Manufacturer exporting direct from China
SCR Module (MTC320A 1600V)

Wholesale China SCR Module MTC320A 1600V Manufacturer exporting direct from China
1) Electrical isolation between chips and substrate, 2, 500V AC.

2) International standard encapsulation.

3) Full press-fit construction, superior temperature characteristics and power circulation capability.

4) Simple assembly, and easy to use and maintain.

5) Small size and light weight.

6) For use on:

A) DC power for instruments

B) Industrial heating controlling

C) Various rectifying power supply

D) Light change

E) Non-touch switch

F) Soft-starters for electric machines

G) Static compensation of zero power

H) Arc welders

I) Frequency converters

J) UPS power supply

K) Charging and discharging of battery

7) Rated current ranging from 220A to 320A, peak voltage ranging from 200V to 2, 000V are all available.
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SCR Module (MTC320A 1600V) China