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Sell PM20CSJ060 MITSUBISHI Power Modules IGBT Manufacturer exporting direct from China
Sell PM20CSJ060 MITSUBISHI Power Modules IGBT Manufacturer exporting direct from China

Sell PM20CSJ060 MITSUBISHI Power Modules IGBT Manufacturer exporting direct from China
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PM300HHA120 7D30D050EHR MCC250-12i01B QM75E2Y/E3Y-H
PM300DSA120 7D50D050EHR MCC250-16i01B QM100TX1-H
PM400HSA120 7D75D050EHR MCC310-12i01B TM400HA-M,-H,-24,-2H
PM15RHB120 7D75A-050EHR MCC310-16i01B TM20DY-M,-H
PM600HSA120 7D100A-050EHR MCD26-12iOB TM25DZ/CZ-M,-H
PM125RHB120 7D100D050EHR MCD26-16iOB TM25DZ/CZ-24,-2H
PM800HXS120 7D150D050EHR MCD44-12iOB TM55DZ/CZ-M,-H
PM10RSH120 93C56EN MCD44-16iOB TM55DZ/CZ-24,-2H
PM75DSA120 9702284A-H MCD56-12iOB TM90DZ/CZ-M,-H
PM15RSB120 A30QS50-4L MCD56-16iOB TM90DZ/CZ-24,-2H
PM100DSA120 A50L-1-0212 100A MCD72-12iOB TM130DZ/CZ/PZ-M,-H
PM25RSB120 A50L-1-0230 50A MCD72-16iOB TM130DZ/CZ/PZ-24,-2H
PM150DSA120 A50L-1-0175 120A MCD95-12iOB TM200DZ/CZ/PZ-M,-H,-24,-2H
PM25RSK120 AK25GB80 MCD95-16iOB TM400DZ/CZ/PZ/UZ-M,-H,-24,-2H
PM200DSA120 AK55GB50 MCD132-12iO1 TM20RA-M,-H
PM50RSA120 AK90GB80 MCD132-16iO1 TM25RZ/EZ-M,-H
PM200DVA120 BMD250AB20 MCD162-12iO1 TM25RZ/EZ-24,-2H
PM50RVA120 BSM100GD60DLC MCD162-16iO1 TM55RZ/EZ-M,-H
QM50HA-A BSM101AR MDD26-12N1B TM55RZ/EZ-24,-2H
QM100HC-M BSM181F MDD95-12N1B TM90RZ/EZ-24,-2H
QM200HA-2H BSM10GD100D MDD142-12N1 TM130RZ/EZ/GZ-M,-H
QM100HY-H BSM150GB100D MDD172-12N1 TM130RZ/EZ/GZ-24,-2H
QM300HA-HK BSM15GD100D MDD310-12N1 TM200RZ/EZ/GZ-M,-H,-24,-2H
QM100HY-2H 7MBR10SA120E DSEI12-12A TM10T3B-M,-H
QM300HA-2H BSM35GP120G DSEI2X30-10B TM15T3A-M,-H
QM150HY-H BSM75GP60 DSEI2X30-12B TM25T3A-M,-H
QM400HA-2H BSM50GP60G DSEI30-10A RM500HA-M,-H,-24,-2H
QM200DY-2H BSM25GD100D DSEI30-12A RM30DZ/CZ-24,-2H
QM30DY-2H BSM25GD120DN1 DSEI2X31-13B RM50D2Z-40
QM300DY-2H BSM25GD120DN2E3224 DSEI60-10A RM60DZ/CZ-M,-H
QM50DY-H BSM25GD120DLCE3224 DSEI2X61-10B RM60DZ/CZ-24,-2H
QM30DY-24 BSM25GD120DN12 DSEI60-12A RM100DZ/CZ-M,-H
QM50DY-2H FSM50X6S 1000UF/450V RM100DZ/CZ-24,-2H
QM50DY-24 BSM294F 4700UF/450V RM150DZ/CZ/UZ-M,-H,-24,-2H
QM50DY-2HB BSM300GA120DLE3256 1500UF/450V RM250DZ/CZ/UZ-M,-H,-24,-2H
QM75DY-24 BSM300GA120DLE6257 5600UF/450V RM500DZ/UZ-M,-H,-24,-2H
QM75DY-H BSM400GA120DL 2200UF/450V RM10TA-M,-H
QM75DY-24B BSM400GA120DLE3257 6800UF/450V RM10TA-24,-2H
QM75DY-2H BSM50GB100D 3300UF/450V RM15TA-M,-H
QM100DY-24K BSM50GB120D 10000UF/450V RM15TA-24,-2H
QM75DY-2HB BSM100GB120DN2(SCH150) 3900UF/450V RM20TA-24,-2H
QM150DY-24K BSM75GB120DN2(SCH100) 6DI50MA-050 RM20TPM-M,-H
QM100DY-HK BSM300GB120DLC 0.2UF/630V RM20TPM-24,-2H
QM200DY-24KB BSM50GD120DN2E3224 0.4UF/630V RM30TA-M,-H
QM100DY-2HB BSM50GD120DN2E3226 0.22UF/630V RM30TB-M,-H
QM150DY-2H BSM50GD60DLC 1.0UF/630V RM30TC-24,-2H
QM300DY-24 BSM50GX120DN2 0.47UF/630V RM30TPM-M,-H
QM150DY-HK BSM75GB101D 1.5UF/630V RM50TC-M,-H,-24,-2H
QM300DY-24B BSM75GB100D 0.15UF/1200V RM75TC-M,-H,-24,-2H
QM30E2Y/E3Y-2H BSM75GB120D 2.0UF/630V RM75TPM-M,-H,-24,-2H
QM75E2Y/E3Y-2H BSM50GD170DL 0.22UF/1200V RM60SZ-6S,-6R
QM50E2Y/E3Y-2H BSM75GD170DL 3.0UF/630V RM100SZ-6S,-6R
QM100E2Y/E3Y-2H BSM50GD120N2G CR6L-35 RM20HA-XXF
QM100HY-M P84B4980303 CR6L-50 RM100HA-XXF
QM15TD-H CD410830 CR6L-200 RM200HA-20F,-24F
QM30TB-24 CD410899 CR6L-55 RM400HA-20S,-24S
QM50TB-2H CLK70AA160 CR6L-100 RM200DA-20F,-24F
QM15TD-9 CM1000HA-28H CR6L-400 RM20DA/CA/C1A-XXS
QM50TB-24 CM1200HD-50H M57515BL RM50DA/CA/C1A-XXS
QM15TG-9B CM75BU-12F M57962L M57915L
QM20TD-9B CM50DY-12H M57959L M57916L
QM50TB-24B CM75DY-12H EXB840 M57917L
QM20KD-H ID226075 EXB841 M57951L
QM15TX-24 CM100DY-12H TLP250 M57955L
QM20TD-9 CM75DY-24E TLP550 M57925L
QM30TX-H CM100DY-28K TLP559 CM75E3U-12H
QM30TX-HB CM10MD1-24H TLP521-1 CM100E3U-12H
QM20TG-9B SM15X6E TLP521G2 CM200E3U-12H
QM20KD-HB CM10TF-12H M51957BL CM300E3U-12H
QM50TX-H CM150DY-12H M54472L CM50E3U-24H
QM15TB-2H CM150DY-12HE BSM400GA120DN2 CM75E3U-24H
QM15TB-2HB CM200DY-12H BSM300GA170DN2 CM100E3U-24H
QM50FT-HB CM300DY-12H 2FI1200A-060C,N,D CM150E3U-24H
QM15TB-24 CM300DY-12HE 2FI1200F-060C,N,D M57957L
QM75TX-H FM2G300US60 " SKM50GAL123D 50A/1200V/1单" M57958L
QM15TB-24B CM100TF-28H IP-063-EX M57120L
QM75TF-HB CM15MD1-24H QCA100BA60 M57140-01
QM25TB-H CM25TF-12 SQD300BA60 CM800HA-24H
QM100TX-H CM200DY-12 QCA150BA60 CM50DY-28H
QM30TB-H CM200DY-12E SQD400BA60 CM75DY-28H
QM100TX-HB CM100DK-24E QCA50AA100 RM10TN-H
QM30TB-2H CM150DK-24E QCA50AA120 RM20TN-H
QM100TF-HB CM200DY-28H QCA75AA100 PS11035
深圳市崇盛电子科技有限公司 是一家专业性的功率模块半导体供应商,销售世界名牌电子元器件。公司代理经销 三菱,三社,三垦,富士,东芝,西门子,西门康,摩托罗拉,英达,日立,仙童,IR,EUPEC,IXYS,ABB,PRX,POWER,TYCO,公司生产的GTR,IGBT,IPM,PIM,可控硅,快恢复二级管,整流桥;美国CDE吸收高频无感电容,进口快速熔断器,各种进口品牌驱动电路、三菱IPM专用插座、光耦;美国VICOR、日本LAMBDA产AC/DC、DC/DC电源模块。公司自成立以来一直抱着诚信,互惠的原则,热忱为广大新老客户提供最优质的产品和最快捷的供货服务。公司供货快捷、质量保证、价格优惠。在同行业中我们以品种全、现货库存量大,质量优、信用好而享誉国际市场。
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