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China High voltage transistors﹛
Power Transistors and power switching transistors
Switching transistors MOSFET

T0-251 TO-126 TO-126B TO-126C TO-220 TO-220-5L TO-220AC
TO-220B TO-220F TO-247 TO-3P TO-92 TO-92L TO-92MOD TO-92S
TO-94 SOD-123 SOD-323 SOD-523 SOD-723 SOT-23 SOT-23-3L
SOT-23-5L SOT-23-6L SOT-323 SOT-353 SOT-363 SOT-89 SOT-89-5L
Our Company is engaged in the sale of all kinds of specialities and electronic element in common use . Sell and act for electronics element that systems ensured of stock with fine quality and steady in a long-term that are offered by every manufacturer . The products are used in the telecommunications, data communication, consumption electron, computer, computer peripheral and industry in the field of using etc. extensively .
The products sold include :
The brief introduction of the products:
ACTEL - can be by producing the high speed memory, can programme to the - FPGA circuit of a array as the main fact .
ATMEL - U.S.A. loves the special AT's series of circuit of Mayor company to have mainly: All kinds of memories, intelligent IC, MCU,etc..
CYPRESS - produces a series of RAM, ROM , / O of I controls circuit,etc. .
INTEL - sells INTEL's FLASH, LAN LAN, StrongARM's series mainly .
ZILOG - has relied mainly on producing the military products circuit , 80 series of Z are microprocessors entering the Chinese market first among them, Developping afterwards has it in 8 series of microprocessor of Z and each application Z series of circuit.
ISSI - exceeds the high speed, high speed memory all kinds ofly .

And special-purpose, the chip in common use , memory, one-chip computer, power chip of every brand.
Rely on at every that manufacturer act as agent good relation, make you accelerate to find and take victory we. Please get in touch with us.
Our company will perfect oneself constantly , in order to cooperate with your need.
Promoting electronic limited company forever, it is you that deserve the cooperative partner trusted
Manage various kinds of : communication. Storing machine. Computer. Sound and PIC. OP. LT. NE. MAX . AD. ADM . MC. 40.45 series of integrated circuit
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